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Everything You need to Know About the Closing Process 

At the heart of the “American Dream”, is buying a home. Providing a solid foundation, and happiness, for you and your family. Additionally, it has proven to be a wise investment. However, when making such a significant purchase, it is essential to rely on a Title Insurance company to legally make the home you invested in yours, including signing title and loan documents (if applicable) and providing you with a free and clear title. 

As many homebuyers are interested in learning more about the closing process to understand what they should expect, Curry County Abstract & Title Co. prepared a detailed guide. 

What is a Closing?

Closing is the last step that fulfills the sales contract between a buyer and a seller. Closing is also called a “settlement”, meaning all contractual obligations between a buyer and a seller are settled. This includes any compensation due to your realtor, title company, or lawyer. In short, anyone involved in the closing process must settle so that ownership of a home can be legally transferred. 

What Does a Closing Process Entail?

As it was stated above, closing is the last step when purchasing a home. The steps leading up to the closing date include:

1. Purchase agreement acceptance

2. Optional buyer home inspection

3. Loan origination

4. Lender home appraisal and credit underwriting

5. Loan Approval

6. Homeowner and Title Insurance

7. Closing disclosures

Why Choose Curry County Abstract & Title Co. for your Closing Process? 

Curry County Abstract & Title Co. prepares and handles all the final closing details for your new home purchase fast and with accurate service. Moreover, our primary goal here processes orders within an expeditious time frame, assuring that we will never delay your transaction. Ultimately, when you choose Curry County Abstract & Title Co. to handle your real estate closing, you are selecting part of an American historical tradition that embraces progress, endurance, and independence. We're confident that you'll love the value and attention to detail that our team delivers.



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