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Curry County Abstract & Title Co.

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 Understanding Title Insurance by Curry County Abstract & Title Co. 

It is common knowledge that a Title to a property is a record detailing the owners of such property and rights associated with said ownership. And typically, it shows a progression of ownership from the first owner to the current owner. It certainly appears to be a relatively simple concept, however, situations such as a forged will or deed, a title transfer by someone underage, fraudulent impersonations, secret marriages, undisclosed heirs, invalid divorces, and false affidavits may jeopardize your investments.  

The Role of the Title Insurance Company 

When people buy Title Insurance, a title insurance company researches the title for the property. Furthermore, the insurance company will see if the title is “clear”, meaning the seller is genuinely transferring the title to the buyer, and no other person can claim ownership. While this sounds like a simple transaction, rest assured that title problems arise all the time. Consequently, it is essential to rely on a committed and hard-working company to foresee and solve any potential future problems.

Title Problems

People may wonder how it is possible to have title problems. Yet, as mentioned above, some circumstances can arise. Here are a few examples: 

Divorcing Couples, one spouse may attempt to sell a home without telling the other. You need both spouses to sign off on the sale to gain a clear title. If you don't, you will become a party to the divorce proceedings. 

Estate Sales, if you purchase a house as part of an estate sale, there can be real problems. The heirs may not be getting along; therefore, they may try to sell the residence without including all the heirs in the transaction. If you buy this home, you could end up involved in a lawsuit filed by an heir left out of the transaction. And finally, 

Ingress and Egress Issues, Title to a property can have technical issues related to egress and ingress, meaning the owner doesn't have the right to enter or leave the land because to do so would require crossing another person's property.

The Benefits of working with Curry County Abstract & Title Co.

Curry County Abstract & Title Co. serves all your Title Insurance requirements throughout New Mexico. While supplying complete Escrow Services, we also offer Title Insurance for the security of the new land and home buyer. In addition, we thoroughly prepare and deal with all the final closing details with fast and precise service. 

Moreover, we offer online orders, assuring that we will never delay your transaction, professional Title examinations, Full Contract Collection Services, and Notary Services, among others. Hence, Curry County Abstract & Title Co. is dedicated to protecting your equity position for your real estate transaction with fast and accurate service, ensuring your financial stability and peace of mind.



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